Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm not the only one thinking of '08

Rep. Artur Davis (D-AL) said he is mulling a '08 SEN bid against Sen. Jeff Sessions (R)


In a state that has no black statewide officeholders, political handicappers offered varying odds on Davis' chances if he gets into the race. But his surprise announcement furnished quick evidence of a reshaped political landscape -- even in a Republican-leaning state like Alabama.

"It's a 180 degree change."

That is what we have to look forward to on the Senate EPW after Sen. Boxer takes over.
"As the new chair of the EPW Committee, I am already planning for vigorous oversight and legislation to make sure that the U.S. Senate is once again an environmental leader in protecting the health of our families and our children and addressing pressing concerns like global warming."
Good-bye Inhofe...enjoy your seat on the side. Being in the minority will allow you the time to actually read the data and maybe even arrive at a more logical conculsion.

WY: Thomas has Leukemia

Sen. Craig Thomas (R-Wyo.), re-elected to his third term in the Senate on Tuesday, has been diagnosed with leukemia, his office announced today.

Thomas, chairman of the National Parks Subcommittee and a key Westerner on public lands and natural resources issues in the Senate, said in a statement he expects to perform his Senate duties during treatment. "I am joining all of the thousands and thousands of other cancer survivors in Wyoming," Thomas said. "I certainly didn't expect this diagnosis, but I will be back by the January session ready for full service in the new Congress."

Thomas was hospitalized Sunday for pneumonia, but further blood tests at Bethesda National Naval Medical Center led to a diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia, the most common form of the disease. Thomas will begin induction chemotherapy over the next four to six weeks.
Thomas has championed the expanded use of Wyoming's coal reserves and urged the state and Fish and Wildlife Service to reach an agreement on managing the endangered grey wolf. As Parks Subcommittee chairman, he has criticized the agency at times, most notably last fall when an Interior official promoted a draft handbook that would have dramatically altered the agency's mission. However, Thomas has also supported the use of snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park.

VA: Update

Settle down George -- we'll find your football.
From Reuters:

Webb has claimed victory over Republican Sen. George Allen, and several media outlets including television networks NBC and CBS and The Associated Press also declared him the winner.

Allen has not conceded defeat, awaiting the outcome of a canvass of the state's voting tallies that could be completed by the end of the day.

If the numbers continue to favor Webb, Allen "has absolutely no intention of dragging this out," said a senior adviser to his campaign.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Slate for 2008

Woah -- already posting about 2008? Yep. I just want to lay it out who we are up against in '08 and who's seat we have to defend. We only have two years and a presidential campaign taking control of the media this election. As you can see the NRSC will have almost twice the amount of seats to defend.

Here they are:


AL: Jeff Sessions
AK: Ted Stevens**
CO: Wayne Allard**
GA: Saxby Champbliss
ID: Larry Craig
KS: Pat Roberts**
KY: Mitch McConnell
ME: Susan Collins** (self-imposed term-limit)
MN: Norm Coleman
MS: Thad Cochran**
NE: Chuck Hagel**
NH: John Sununu
NM: Pete Domenici**
NC: Elizabeth Dole**
OK: Jim Inhofe**
OR: Gordon Smith
SC: Lindsay Graham
TN: Lamar Alexander
TX: John Cornyn
VA: John Warner**
WY: Michael Enzi

21 Seats


AR: Mark Pryor
DE: Joe Biden** (running for president)
IL: Richard Durbin
IA: Tom Harkin
LA: Mary Landrieu
MA: John Kerry** (may run for president)
MI: Carl Levin**
MT: Max Baucus
NJ: Frank Lautenberg**
RI: John Reed
SD: Tim Johnson
WV: Jay Rockefeller**

12 Seats

** Rumors have circulated about possible retirements (more on this later)
NOTE: There is no way we will go into this election with fifteen open-seats as a result of retirement. So most of these 'rumors' are just that, rumors.

Senate Committee Assignments

Thanks to BooMan23 for this post of predictions... let the discussions begin:


Herbert Kohl- Chairman
Ron Wyden
Blanche Lincoln
Evan Bayh


Tom Harkin- Chairman
Patrick Leahy
Kent Conrad
Max Baucus


Robert Byrd- Chairman
Daniel Inouye
Patrick Leahy
Tom Harkin

Armed Services

Carl Levin- Chairman
Edward Kennedy
Robert Byrd
Joe Lieberman


Christopher Dodd- Chairman
Tim Johnson
Jack Reed
Charles Schumer


Kent Conrad- Chairman
Patty Murray
Ron Wyden
Russ Feingold


Daniel Inouye- Chairman
Jay Rockefeller
John Kerry
Byron Dorgan


Jeff Bingaman- Chairman
Daniel Akaka
Byron Dorgan
Ron Wyden


Max Baucus (chair of Finance)
Joe Lieberman (chair of Homeland Security)
Barbara Boxer- Chairwoman
Tom Carper


Tim Johnson- Co-Chairman
Mark Pryor
Ken Salazar


Max Baucus- Chairman
Jay Rockefeller
Kent Conrad
Jeff Bingaman

Foreign Relations

Joe Biden- Chairman
Christopher Dodd
John Kerry
Russ Feingold

Health, Education, Labor & Pensions

Edward Kennedy- Chairman
Christopher Dodd
Tom Harkin
Barbara Mikulski

Homeland Security & Government Affairs

Joe Lieberman- Chairman
Carl Levin
Daniel Akaka
Tom Carper

Indian Affairs

Byron Dorgan- Chairman
Daniel Inouye
Kent Conrad
Daniel Akaka


Jay Rockefeller- Chairman
Carl Levin
Diane Feinstein
Ron Wyden


Patrick Leahy- Chairman
Edward Kennedy
Joe Biden
Herbert Kohl


Christopher Dodd (chair of Banking)
Robert Byrd (chair of Appropriations)
Daniel Inouye (chair of Commerce)
Diane Feinstein- Chairwoman

Small Business

John Kerry- Chairman
Tom Harkin
Joe Lieberman
Mary Landrieu

Veteran's Affairs

Daniel Akaka- Chairman
Jay Rockefeller
Patty Murray
Barack Obama

Now, on Lieberman:

We don't really mind Lieberman chairing a committee on Homeland Security. The problem is that the committee is also in charge of Governmental Affairs. It's the equivalent of the Government Reform committee in the House and it should be investigating things like war profiteering. We really don't want Joe to be chairing that committee. Yet, we can't antagonize him too much or he might bolt the party and turn our 51-49 majority into a 50-50 split, with ties broken by the Vice-President. So, here is what I suggest doing.

Respect Joe's seniority. But offer him the chairmanship of the Environment committee. Joe is in line to chair that committee anyway because Max Baucus would much rather chair the Finance Committee. If Joe accepts this, who would be in line for the Homeland Security chair? Well, that would be Carl Levin, but he will want to chair Armed Services. Next in line is Daniel Akaka. He is in line to chair Veteran's Affairs, but he would much rather have Homeland Security.

Okay, you ask, but then who would be in line to chair Veteran's Affairs? The answer is Jay Rockefeller. But he would rather have Intelligence. That leaves it to Patty Murray. So, this is how I envision the committee chairs looking in the Senate:

Aging: Herbert Kohl- Chairman
Agriculture:Tom Harkin- Chairman
Appropriations: Robert Byrd- Chairman
Armed Services: Carl Levin- Chairman
Banking: Christopher Dodd- Chairman
Budget: Kent Conrad- Chairman
Commerce: Daniel Inouye- Chairman
Energy: Jeff Bingaman- Chairman
Environment: Joe Lieberman- Chairman
Ethics: Tim Johnson- Co-Chairman
Finance: Max Baucus- Chairman
Foreign Relations: Joe Biden- Chairman
Health, Education, Labor & Pensions: Edward Kennedy- Chairman
Homeland Security & Government Affairs: Daniel Akaka- Chairman
Indian Affairs: Byron Dorgan- Chairman
Intelligence: Jay Rockefeller- Chairman
Judiciary: Patrick Leahy- Chairman
Rules: Diane Feinstein- Chairwoman
Small Business: John Kerry- Chairman
Veteran's Affairs: Patty Murray- Chairwoman
We have a number of new Senators: Brown, Cardin, Casey, Klobuchar, McCaskill, Sanders, Tester, Webb, and Whitehouse. I'd like to see Klobuchar on Judiciary. Other than that, I'm open to suggestions on where other members should be assigned.

We did it!

Well here we are... ready to start another round of elections. This time we aren't fighting to win the Senate and turn it blue we are keeping control of it!

As of about 6:00pm tonight: Reuters and the AP have declared VA to be in the DEM column and with that the entire Senate. This is monumental. An end to the twelve year dominance by the fear-mongering republicans. This was an election not just against corruption and the Iraq war...but (pay attention Ken Mehlman) for a Democratic platform and issues. Issues like higher minimum wage, a cleaner environment, well funded schools, prescription drug benefits for all. Here we go... in the drivers seat. Doesn't it feel nice to not only have the keys but also the steering wheel?

Take a few moments to enjoy what democracy feels like -- this is it. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

America Beware!

And we're back -- after toooo many emails and toooo little time to update the website we are finally back JUST in time to see this:

ENERGY PUSH: Bush proposes Arctic Drilling, more refineries, nuclear plants!

Does anyone think the big Energy companies got to him? Nah. We, personally, can't wait for green caribou to be dancing among refinery equipment! Nuclear power? Gosh we have missed's been what like what, 30 years! Why did we ever part ways?

Oh yeah...I remember. Doh!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

ND: White House's pet for Conrad

The White House is targeting North Dakota and trying to convice Republican Gov. John Hoeven to run against Conrad.

Hoeven attended the State of the Union, then spent time with the President on Air Force One back to his home state. According to White House political sources and a staffer on the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), Hoeven's political future was discussed.

PA: Santorum...taking money from smut

ABC News last night "outed" a number of conservative Republicans for continuing to take campaign contributions:

The supplier of that smut, Adelphia has, according to ABC News "given $166,000 to Republican committees, and $12,000 to Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa.

Typical Red-State hypocrisy. Seriously.

RI: Chafee gettting hit from the right

Club for Growth (R) plans to spend $10 million harassing Chafee and other "Republicans in Name Only" (RINO) in 2006. We gladly accept the pressue for Chafee to switch camps or retire. RI will elect a Democrat.

WI: Kohl gearing up and running

U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl has hired a Democratic organizer to begin coordinating his run for re-election in 2006.

The Wisconsin Democrat said Tuesday that he hired Michael Teter to start putting the campaign together.

MN: Franken in...

Al Franken told AP he would make a MN SEN announcement on his radio show today (Fargo Forum).

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Minnesota Sen. Mark Dayton, a first-term Democrat atop the Republicans' 2006 target list, said Wednesday he won't run for re-election next year.

VT: Jeffords finally has someone willing to lose

"Fresh off his losing candidacy for Congress," Greg Parke (R) has announced he wants to take on VT Sen. Jim Jeffords (I) in '06 (Rutland Herald).

NY: Clinton winning

From the Wake-up Call!:

Quinnipiac poll shows Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) defeating both Gov. George Pataki (R-NY) (61%-30%) and ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) (50%-44%) among regis. voters in Clinton's bid for re-election in '06.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

FL: GOP misguided

From the Sun-Sentinel:

More than retirement security is at stake as President Bush pitches his new plan for Social Security investment accounts.

The success of his campaign to change the federal retirement system could have a direct bearing on the job security of Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida.

The Bush administration and the GOP areare betting that the 17% of Floridas population that are retirees just don't care about their grandchildren. The re-election of Nelson will prove them wrong.

MI: and yet another...

This field of GOPers in Michigan is getting exhuasting!

Oakland County Sheriff and former State Senator Mike Bouchard announced on WJR News Radio this morning that he'll seek the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow in 2006.

Bouchard, Sheriff since 1999, served in the State Senate from 1991 until his appointment to the Oakland Countywide position that became vacant due to the longtime Sheriff's death.

Monday, February 07, 2005

PA: Santorum in deeper water

The Bush budget eliminates all funding for Amtrak. [Bush Budget]

The DSCC has:

Santorum is "Stuck Between a Track and a Hard Place "

The Bush budget that came out today puts Rick Santorum between a track and a hard place. Santorum, who is up for re-election in 2006, will feel the heat during the upcoming fight over Amtrak funding. Republicans have had it out for Amtrak for years, and now during an election year, Bush has pushed an issue that cuts two ways for Santorum.

Either he supports Bush’s budget plan to eliminate Amtrak and continues to walk in lock step with Bush or he breaks with Bush over Amtrak funding and risks angering the White House. Santorum has already cast a vote to hurt Amtrak that he will be forced to explain during his re-election bid. Now the White House has landed him between a track and a hard place.

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